Southern Cross Botanicals Profile

Join the Australian SPIRIT

Islands represent a unique resource in the quest for new botanical substances. They provide sanctuaries, where nature evolves and flourishes in a pure environment, sheltered from the influence of the rest of the world. Here, nature is able to develop unique species while preserving primitive forms of life fully in line with their original design. An island paradise located between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, Australia is the planet’s largest and most abundant example of such a sanctuary.

With over 26,000 plant species, 2/3 of which are native and only one thousand of which have been studied, this continent brings the great promise of astonishing discoveries for the beauty and wellness industry. However, Australia is not only a promised land. It is also a country on the forefront of ecological awareness and environmental responsibility. Like the Southern Cross Botanicals that it has adopted as its emblem, Australia boasts a spirit of exploration, promoting the most dynamic and fascinating relationships with Nature.

Exploring Pristine Biodiversity to Deliver Outstanding Botanicals

With a strong focus on the sustainable use and preservation of natural resources, Southern Cross Botanicals specializes in developing ingredients exclusively derived from native Australian plants.

As a part of the Lucas Meyer Cosmetics Group, the company offers expertise in the fields of botany, agronomy and biology, giving it full control over its production processes, from fresh plant biomass to final ingredients. Today, this unique expertise has allowed the company to foster special partnerships with major players in the beauty industry.