Phospholipids Expertise

A pioneer in the phospholipids expertise

Hundreds of billions of cells compose the human body and all living organisms. These cells are surrounded by an external wall—the MEMBRANE—mainly made up of essential lipids forming bilayer structures. The optimal activity of our cells is regulated by the membrane fluidity and permeability controlling exchange and metabolic processes with the environment.

These essential lipids are predominantly polar lipids: PHOSPHOLIPIDS and GLYCOLIPIDS.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics has developed a wide range of phospholipids and glycolipids extracted from seed oil or other natural sources with specific properties to formulate innovative cosmetics and personal care products.

Phospholipids and glycolipids are surfactants which nature has developed for the creation of cell membranes and as such have technological properties together with physiological activity. They are able to stabilise creams and lotions without irritating surfactants.

The unique AFFINITY of membrane lipids for the skin enhances the BIOAVAILABILITY of other active ingredients and enables their controlled release to skin cells.

They are HYDRATING, restructuring, film forming, soothing and lubricating ingredients.

PHOSPHOLIPIDS and GLYCOLIPIDS create a very rich SKIN FEEL in cosmetics.

Membrane lipids are available in a wide variety of sources, purity levels and physical forms and offer different properties for very specific applications.

Nature has taken advantage of the superior functionality of MEMBRANE LIPIDS in our cells.

Why not follow the example and develop SKIN FRIENDLY products with nature's own choice and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics products?