Peptides Expertise

A specialized knowledge in the field of peptides

Our designed biomimetic peptides are able to take over failing skin functions and fight secondary effects of aggressions by restoring skin tissues’ physiological functions. These peptides also compensate for disorders related to aging and aggressions through their regenerative capacities, restoring skin homeostasis.

Our research center in Toulouse, France, has cutting-edge technological equipment to conduct a wide range of tests for the demonstration of peptide efficacy and activity. Moreover, our scientific team has the unique expertise to provide rigorous quality control and develop biomimetic peptides or molecules with very high and optimal efficacy. We have a peptide library of over 700 biomimetic molecules available for future development.

Through a topical application, our biocompatible peptides have a perfectly targeted action on various skin components with no systemic effect.

All of our biomimetic peptides offer:

  • high performance level;
  • guaranteed stability;
  • outstanding purity level.