Active Ingredients

Unique, Sophisticated and Bio‑efficient Actives

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics’s product portfolio consists of unique, value-added, innovative active ingredients supported by rigorous scientific research. We offer a sophisticated line of natural products, from marine and botanical sources, containing biomimetic peptides and biotech active ingredients. Our products are manufactured in compliance with the highest standards: WE DO NOT COMPROMISE ON QUALITY.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics’s active cosmetic ingredients are designed to maintain the body’s natural responses, strengthen its defenses against environmental aggressions, prevent the appearance of signs of aging, and address other contemporary cosmetic challenges. Our active ingredients provide biologists and cosmetic chemists with innovative solutions to challenge the limits of efficiency in personal care—natural biocompatible active ingredients or biomimetic peptides to renew the approach to skin aging, skin and hair protection, complexion enhancement or perfection of body silhouette.

The structure of the skin and its metabolisms provide inspirational models for the design of biomimetic and bioefficient active ingredients.

Our ultimate goal is to offer consumers visible benefits that last.

PF activesA number of products are also available in a preservative-free and paraben-free version specially designed to minimize the presence of preservatives in final cosmetic formulas.

CosmosMany of our ingredients are Cosmos registered and comply with the new Chinese legislation.

China CompliantMany of our ingredients are China-compliant.

Functional Ingredients

Delicious Textures That Deliver Exquisit Skin Feel

Functional ingredients should deliver much more than texture, skin feel or product performance—in new-generation cosmetics, they are expected to be fully part of the active system of the formulae. Lucas Meyer Cosmetics focuses on the development of active and biocompatible functional solutions.

Butter, mousse, gel cream, lotion, spray… Our natural functional ingredients offer formulating chemists an extraordinary palette of exquisite feels and textures—a unique signature for your brand.

Phospholipids are essential components of all cellular membranes. The amphiphilic nature of phospholipids allows them to act as co-emulsifiers both in O/W and W/O systems and gives them an enhanced capacity to form liposomes; they are also widely used as dispersing and wetting agents.

Thanks to the ability of phospholipids to self-organize in bilayers, phospholipid-based emulsifying systems allow the formation of lamellar structures. The superposition of these biomimetic layers are very similar to the structure of the skin. Products formulated with phospholipids will thus have a high skin affinity, compatibility and tolerance.

Phospholipids give a characteristic touch to emulsions: soft and velvety, non greasy emulsion and cool. Their film-forming property reduces the transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and increases the hydration of the stratum corneum.

Delivery Systems

The Most Effective Encapsulation Solution

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is the world's leading reference for phospholipids—the choice ingredients for the design of the most effective and tolerated encapsulation solutions. We allow the production of biomimetic nanovectors to increase the efficacy of both lipo- and hydro-soluble active ingredients. Different types can be developed to fit the activity and formulation requirements.

Southern Cross Botanicals

Inspiring Ingredients : a blooming portfolio of new materials for pure innovation bliss

Southern Cross Botanicals has unlocked the vast potential of Australian mega-biodiversity in many different forms: unique superfruit extracts, original complexes, plant oils brimming with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, rare and precious essential oils, etc. The company uses a wide variety of extraction processes to obtain the most potent elements of each plant and meet strict formulation specifications. In addition to its standard offer, the company provides customized trials and product development services.