Products by Name

Name Description Category
Abyssine™ The Survival Soothing Active Active Ingredients
Adipofill'in™ Natural Lipofilling Active Ingredients
Aldavine™ The Protector of Microcapillary Integrity Active Ingredients
Aldavine™5x The Protector of Microcapillary Integrity Active Ingredients
Amisol Trio™ Hair Conditioner Active Ingredients
Amisol™ Soft Polysensorial Emulsifier Functional Ingredients
Australian Tea Tree Oil WS Broad Antimicrobial and Anti-Inflammatory Southern Cross Botanicals
Biophilic™ H The biomimetic emulsifier with a cashmere touch Functional Ingredients
Biophilic™ S The Phospholipid Touch Functional Ingredients
Body³ Complex™ 3-in-1 Body Skin Enhancer Active Ingredients
Borealine® expert Boreal rejuvanating power Active Ingredients
Borealine® Hydra Hydration-boosting boreal cocktail Active Ingredients
Borealine® Protect The extreme nordic survivor Active Ingredients
β-White™ Biomimetic Encapsulated Whitening Peptide Active Ingredients
Canadian Willowherb™ Native American inspired multifunctional extract Active Ingredients
Capixyl™ Hair Fertilizer Active Ingredients
ChroNOline™ The Anti-Wrinkle Peptide Active Ingredients
Defenscalp™ Scalp microbiota-friendly ingredient Active Ingredients
Desert Harvest™ AF Desert Fruits Protection for Skin Hydration Southern Cross Botanicals
Drieline™ The Natural Skin Defenser Active Ingredients
Ecogel™ The First Natural Gelling-Emulsifying Agent Functional Ingredients
Ecoslim™ Vegetable Active Caffeine Active Ingredients
Elix-IR™ The Elixir of Youth to Fight Infra’Aging™ Active Ingredients
Emulmetik™ Pure Phospholipids Functional Ingredients
EUK-134™ The SOD and Catalase Biomimetic Molecule Active Ingredients
Exo-H™ The Exotic Moisturizer Active Ingredients
Exo-P™ The Exotic Protector Active Ingredients
Exo-T™ The Exotic Skin Regenerator Active Ingredients
Flower Harvest™ AF Nourishing Flower Power Southern Cross Botanicals
Greyverse™ α-MSH biomimetic peptide Active Ingredients
Heliofeel™ The Polyvalent Emulsifier Functional Ingredients
Heliogel™ The Versatile Gelling Agent Functional Ingredients
Homeo-Soothe™ The Soothing Active Active Ingredients
Hydralphatine™ Asia The Asian Regenerating Moisturizer Active Ingredients
IBR-CalmDeAge® Date seeds extract Active Ingredients
IBR-Dormin® Holding back time Active Ingredients
IBR-Dragon® Microbiota-boosting superfruit to reveal a healthy skin glow! Active Ingredients
IBR-Hairdorm™ Put your hair on sleep mode Active Ingredients
IBR-Snowflake® Freezing power for fresh and flawless skin Active Ingredients
IBR-UrBioTect™ Inula Helenium Extract Active Ingredients
Ionosome (tailor made vectorization technology) Delivery System
Isoflavones 150 Concentrated Soybean Isoflavones Active Ingredients
Kollaren™ The Dermis Enhancer Active Ingredients
Lanablue™ Paraben Free Natural retinoid-like active for wrinkle reduction Active Ingredients
Lanachrys™ 2B PF Natural Lipolysis Stimulator Active Ingredients
Lanacityn™ PF The Best Anti-Pollution Active System Active Ingredients
Lecigel™ Phospholipidic Gel-Creams Functional Ingredients
Lime Pearl™ AF New Source of Precious AHAs Southern Cross Botanicals
Lysofix™ The natural and elegant coldprocess emulsifier with a silky touch Active Ingredients
Macadamia EXFOL™ 50 Sustainable Natural Exfoliant Southern Cross Botanicals
Macadamia EXFOL™ 100 Sustainable Natural Exfoliant Southern Cross Botanicals
Matipure™ Oil Free Sebum Exchanger Active Ingredients
MDI Complex™ Marine Glycosaminoglycan Active Ingredients
Melafresh™ T10-SLR Slow-Release Natural Terpinen-4-Ol for Irritated Skin Southern Cross Botanicals
Melafresh™ T96 Terpinen-4-Ol to the Rescue Southern Cross Botanicals
Melanostatine™ 5 Focus on Whitening Active Ingredients
Melinoil™ Unique Oil-Soluble Skin Photoprotector Active Ingredients
Melitane™ Healthy Glow Active Ingredients
Microcurb™ OC Natural extract from oregano leaves with efficient broadspectrum protection Functional Ingredients
Miniporyl™ Picture-perfect pore minimizer Active Ingredients
Morpholyss™ Overall reduction in adipose tissue Active Ingredients
Mountain Harvest™ AF Nourishing Solution from the Mountain Southern Cross Botanicals
Neutrazen™ The Soothing Neurocosmetic Active Ingredients
OIless'city™ multi-ethnic sebum regulator Southern Cross Botanicals
Phytenso™ The Hair Relaxer Active Ingredients
Pro-Lipo Neo™ Smart Liposome Preparation Delivery System
Progeline™ Modulates Progerin, a Marker of Senescence Active Ingredients
RainForest Harvest™ AF Moisturize Like the Rainforest Southern Cross Botanicals
Riboxyl™ First Precursor of De Novo ATP Active Ingredients
Rosality™ Fighting against the Stressosphere™ to recover skin vitality Active Ingredients
SCB Jojoba Oil Natural Liquid Emollient Southern Cross Botanicals
SCB Macadamia Oil Colorless Versatile Natural Oil Southern Cross Botanicals
Sculptessence™ Anti-Sagging Skin Remodeler Active Ingredients
Siligel™ The foolproof gelling agent Functional Ingredients
SKINectura™ Botanical extract of the Anigozanthos flavidus, flower, and endemic to Australia. Southern Cross Botanicals
Songa™ Firming and Regenerative Active Active Ingredients
Sunflohair™ Restructuring Hair Fiber Active Ingredients
Superox-C™ AF Illuminate Your Skin Southern Cross Botanicals
Suprem'™ WP Vegetable Milks Active Ingredients
SWT-7™ Self-regenerative stem cell technology Active Ingredients
Tazman Pepper™ AF To Protect and Calm Reactive Skin Southern Cross Botanicals
Thymulen™ 4 The Youth Factor Active Ingredients
Tropical Fruit Harvest™ AF The Nourishing Exotic Fruits for Skin and Hair Southern Cross Botanicals
Tyrostat™ The Natural Skin Brightening Active Ingredients
WildBerry Harvest™ AF Nourishing "Super-Berries" for Hydrated Skin Southern Cross Botanicals
WildLime Harvest™ AF Australian Citrus for Maximal Exfoliation Southern Cross Botanicals
WildPlum Harvest™ AF Nourishing Superfruits for Hydration and Rejuvenation Southern Cross Botanicals
Xfolipearl™ Biodegradable alternative to exfoliating plastic microbeads Active Ingredients