Biophilic™ H

The biomimetic emulsifier with a cashmere touch

Biophilic™ H is a patented phospholipid-based O/W lamellar emulsifier designed to create elegant and very comfortable formulas. Its lamellar structure has a particular affinity to the skin, resulting in a second skin effect for maximum biocompatibility and tolerance.

Biophilic™ H is able to emulsify alone up to 30% oil and is compatible with all kinds of oils, chemicals and physical UV filters and pigments, while providing shine and consistency to formulas.

For an ultra-cocooning sensation, there is no comparison to the unique sensory signature of Biophilic™ H.

Not only an efficient emulsifier, Biophilic™ H gives strong active properties : it acts as a skin complexion perfector, keeps the skin moisturized, and enhances bioavailability and penetration of active ingredients for improved efficacy.

Loved by consumers, Biophilic™ H triggers pleasure and well-being upon application for a complete and unique sensory experience.


Phospholipid-based lamellar emulsifier


Hydrogenated Lecithin (and) C12-16 Alcohols (and) Palmitic Acid


  • O/W lamellar emulsifier
  • Increases hydration
  • Enhances bioavailability and efficacy of active ingredients
  • High skin tolerance
  • Unique sensory signature
  • Triggers pleasure and well-being




  • Cosmos
  • PF actives
  • China Compliant
  • Eco friendly


  • In vitro
  • Ex vivo
  • Clinical
  • Consumer


• Cream to butter textures for face and body care, sun care and make up. • Emulsifier: 2-6% . •Skin feel enhancer, co-emulsifier: >1%