Biophilic™ S

The Phospholipid Touch

BIOPHILIC™ S  is a natural lamellar O/W emulsifier based on the emulsifying properties  of phospholipids combined with other vegetable lipids. BIOPHILIC™ H contains unsaturated lecithin creating softer and more fluid textures than Biophilic™ H from lotion to cream with a rich and ultra-sophisticated skin feel. Its lamellar biomimetic structure merge with skin  acting as a “second skin” to restore the cutaneous barrier of damaged skin. Biophilic™  S provides active properties with a moisturizing effect and acts as an efficacy booster due to its ability to improve the skin penetration and bioavailability of the active ingredients formulated with.


Phospholipid-based lamellar emulsifier


Lecithin (and) C12-16 Alcohols (and) Palmitic Acid


  • Provides lamellar O/W emulsions
  • Sophisticated texture with rich skin feel 
  • Decreases TEWL
  • High skin tolerance
  • Enhances penetration and bioavailability of active ingredients to get better and/or faster results
  • Triggers positive emotions and provides moments of happiness upon application 




  • PF actives
  • China Compliant
  • Eco friendly


  • In vitro
  • Ex vivo


Lotion to cream textures for face and body care, sun care and make up. • Emulsifier: 3-6% . •Skin feel enhancer, co-emulsifier: >1%